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The horn realises the potential of the compression driver

In order to fully liberate the potential of the compression driver, the horn must be crafted in a very accurate fashion to reflect perfectly the hyperbolic (mid) and exponential (high) curves required to couple them together.

It is vital that this be done perfectly so as not to introduce any frequency aberrations, especially in the mid-range where the ear is most sensitive to inaccuracies. At Seawave Acoustic we sculpt our horns from the highest grade white birchwood in multiple 20mm layers. This produces the ideal rigidity and dampened laminate structure, to create its beautiful sound. The horn is hand-finished and painted by master craftsmen to produce our gorgeous, iconic conformation.

Unlike other manufacturers, Seawave Acoustic’s horn speakers utilise compression drivers with an ideal horn structure that fulfils the design specifications of the originators so many years ago, thus making it a modern ‘true horn’.

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