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AM 34

Speed, control and detail

The AM34 posed an exceptional challenge: namely, take all the benefits of AM23 Uni-Cast aluminium cabinet and create a more complex dual chassis design. After much effort we can confidently claim to have achieved this goal.

Comprising a 3 way 4 driver array, the AM34 is able to deliver a flat frequency response from
25 Hz to 35 kHz and has almost unlimited headroom in a typical listening environment. Capable of producing genuine subsonic frequencies with our newly formulated state of the art AC4C Aluminium dual cabinet, the AM34 will stagger you with its speed, control, and detail fulfilling our desire to bring the acoustics of the concert hall into your music room.

Fully liberated by our latest generation of electrical components to ensure the purest pathway possible, our horn will reveal your favourite performances in a way which will have you reaching for the next in order to hear it as if for the first time.

We are particularly proud of the AM34. And once you have an opportunity to experience it we believe you, too, will appreciate the hard work and dedication that 30 years of experience have played in bringing our new floor-standing horn speaker to fruition.



Key to the success of the AM34 are the horn designs. Comprising a 1” Hanji compression super tweeter and 2” titanium compression midrange, the AM34 produces the level of detail and immediacy historically associated with horn design, but with the neutrality of modern speaker technology.

The Hanji compression driver is a unique technology developed by Seawave Acoustic to produce open, silky highs free from harshness, even when producing phenomenal SPLs. Coupled with our titanium midrange which provides extraordinary transient attack and control, the AM34 reveals details in a performance that you would normally expect to hear only in a recording studio during a ‘live’ performance.

This performance is largely due to the white birch laminate horn specifically produced by Seawave Acoustic for its inert qualities and stable form. Hand finished and painted by a master craftsman, once attached to the speaker, the AM34 takes on its iconic form, giving almost as much pleasure to the viewer as it does to the listener.

Available in three colour combinations (Black & Silver, Gold & Burgundy, and Cream & Green) the AM34 can also be produced in a bespoke finish to integrate it fully into your listening environment.

Specially Produced Resistors

When developing the AM34 we took our resistor technology to a new level. Utilising manufacturing techniques from military applications, our new resistors have ceramic housings, made to the highest standard realisable. Incorporating our NST method to eliminate lead solder (as it is harmful to electrical signals passing between conductors) we have achieved complete integrity and the highest-quality signal path. Featuring silver adhesive to bind the connections with a housing of a military specification, we have created our ultimate resistor component.

Kapton Inductor

For the AM34, we have upgraded the nickel alloy core inductors we developed for our previous models, which used 6C OFC and DuPont PTFE film. 
Kapton tape is much thinner and uses less copper than its predecessors, creating an even more powerful inductor.   
While our previous inductors were highly impressive in their own right, the new Kapton component lends the AM34’s bass register a realism and vitality which is truly astonishing. It always brings us great pleasure to watch the surprise and delight its performance evokes from the uninitiated!


Our most recent foray into high end component production has been with our capacitors. Utilising 69 OFC and Kapton insulation we have managed to create a capacitor with a level of enhanced performance not heretofore achieved.

Painstakingly handcrafted locally we have produced a component that perfectly matches the requirements for our discriminating horn creating the naturalness and transparency of our design ambitions.


DesignTrue Horn Speaker, 3 Way / 4 Speaker
Driver unitsSuper Tweeter: 1″ Hanji compression driver + 35horn
Midrange: 2″ titanium compression driver + 11horn
Woofer: 2 x 8″ Eton Hexacone
EnclosureAC4C Aluminium
Frequency response28Hz – 35kHz
Sensitivity94 dB
Amplifier requirements20 ~ 500 W
WeightHead 20kg, Body 90kg / Head 23kg, Body 100kg (boxed)
Dimensions (WHD)400 x 1360 x 600 mm
ColoursBlack & Silver / Black & Red / Cream Pearl & Satin Green / Poseidon Blue & Marine Beach / Bespoke option

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