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Aletheia III

“It’s hard to believe that the violin is an instrument of such multi-faceted expression. The Seawave Acoustic speakers capture completely the subtle vibrato of a chord, the feeling of the wood body, the echo of air travelling within the internal vacant space. Its eruption from the background is as if from total darkness. I listened to several other musical pieces too, but in every case, the sound burst forth and as quickly disappeared without any entanglement. There was no deficit in any of its replay range, and it boasted of ultra-strong resolution.”

Monthly Audio 2018.11

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A triumph in resonance control

In the pursuit of perfection (where cost is not the primary consideration) Seawave Acoustic produced the Reference and Plotinus speakers.

To broaden the appeal of our brand, making it more accessible to all, we set about applying the design principles of these iconic speakers to a more compact and affordable concept. The result is the Aletheia III.

Formed through our AC4C alloy unicasting process, the construction of Aletheia III’s cabinet is a triumph in resonance control, creating a perfect structure in which to affix its drivers. This has resulted in eerily quiet backgrounds with phenomenal bass control and quality, notwithstanding the speaker’s size.

We also packed the Aletheia III with our unique component technology – our nickel core inductors, special resistors, Non-Soldering Technology (NST), and High Dampening Metal Technology (HDMT) – to exact from our Uni-Cast cabinet the highest possible degree of performance.

The result is a stand-mounted speaker of great transparency, capable of expressing for those with limited space the subtlety of its older, more expensive siblings.


AC4C Aluminium Mould

The distinctive enclosure of the Aletheia III is manufactured using a Uni-Cast mould. This complex, curved shape is not just a thing of beauty, but also plays an integral role in the acoustic performance. The AC4C alloy used in the construction completely eliminates standing waves and resonance.

The front plinth is CNC-ed to a perfect finish and can be anodised with a range of striking colours making the Aletheia III as great to look at as it is to listen to.

Non-Soldering Technology (NST)

Every electrical connection point within the Aletheia III is made using our proprietary non-solder methodology (NST). Solder is lead-based and therefore impedes an electrical signal, causing a drop in the voltage which negatively affects the sound. And so, we twist and press together the connections using our specially formulated method, sealing them to create a long-lasting, high performance electrical pathway. The result: an increase in the transparency of the loudspeaker and an enhanced sense of dynamic expression.

Harmonic integrity, too, is also improved. Seawave Acoustic’s NST demonstrates the lengths we go to minimise any loss in performance of the original electrical signal that ultimately defines the speaker’s acoustic output.

Specially Produced Resistors

While developing the Aletheia III, which uses our NST method to eliminate lead solder, we realised that our third-party components also relied upon lead solder. To ensure the highest quality signal path and we resolved to produce our own resistor thus eliminating altogether the need for solder. Using silver adhesive to bind the connections, we have managed to create a resistor that matches the performance level required by our designs.

Nickel Core Inductors

Normal Air Coil inductors can be an obstacle in the signal path because of the length of the conductor used to produce the values required for crossovers. Seeing these limitations, Seawave has developed hand-made inductors from specially-constructed nickel cores and 12AWG 6N copper coil foil, insulated with DuPont PTFE film. The result is a much shorter inductor length and a dramatic decrease in resistive value. This produces a level of bass performance never before heard in a speaker as compact as the Aletheia III.


To eliminate any vibration from the environment being transferred to the speaker, Seawave Acoustic has designed HDMT insulators to separate the specially constructed AC4C alloy stands from the Aletheia III itself.

This technology was developed for use in particle accelerators and not only insulates and separates the cabinet from the floor, but also eliminates any other acoustic energy discharged into the room.


DesignBass Reflex 2-way Speaker
Driver unitsTweeter: Esotar 28mm
Woofer: Eton Hexacone 170mm
Frequency response38Hz – 35kHz
Crossover2 kHz
Sensitivity89 dB/W/m
Weight23 kg
Dimensions (WHD)300 x 465 x 375 mm
ColoursGold & Rose Gold / Red & Black / Blue (Poseidon Blue & Marine), Bespoke

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