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The search
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Since its inception in 1983 by CEO Bo San, Seawave Acoustic has sought the ultimate expression of horn loudspeaker technology. Our vision has been singular in its aspiration to reintroduce true horn loudspeakers, based on original principles yet dramatically re-engineered for the modern era.

In order to achieve this, Seawave Acoustic has had to invent special technologies and harness the industrial might of South Korea to bring them to fruition. These innovations include our HDMT (High Damping Metal Technology) for vibration control, the elimination of harmful solder from all electrical connections through NST (Non-Soldering Technology), and our unique enclosures featuring Unicast AC4C Aluminium.

In addition, we have redeveloped key components of crossovers such as resistors, inductors and capacitors, liberating their potential to realise our dream of creating the ideal horn loudspeaker.

By understanding the science and the inspiration behind our work, we hope you will come to appreciate the power and beauty of exceptional horn design. A Seawave Acoustic speaker system is nothing less than an investment that will bring you a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Master Baek
Founder and CEO, Bo San

Seawave Acoustic is the brainchild of our CEO Bo San, a practising Korean Buddhist monk. He became fascinated by the subtleties of sound quality while recording his teacher, the grand master Gu-san, disseminating his teachings to his followers.

Intrigued by the available technologies he began to experiment with speaker replay systems and installed these across the country’s many Buddhist temples.

He quickly developed a reputation for the fine quality of his designs and was encouraged to carry out further research into the field.

30 years of development

Bo San formed Seawave Acoustic over 30 years ago and became involved in experimenting with the horn systems for which the company is now best known.

He understood the horn’s unique characteristics and its potential for superb sound quality which had been overlooked for years, and he experimented with horn designs for home audio. These efforts resulted in the release to great acclaim of the Reference speaker.

Encouraged by this success and the need for more practical systems, Seawave Acoustic began to produce components that would realise Bo San’s vision of bringing true horn speakers to the wider global market. This work has culminated in today’s AM series.

Sound philosophy

Bo San’s Buddhist philosophy has greatly influenced his approach to sound design, which seeks to remove a speaker’s intrusive identity – its “self”, you might say – leaving only the creative musical spirit that is inherent in the electrical signal. As human beings, we can only achieve enlightenment by overcoming the hurdles of self-centred isolation. And musical devices are much the same: the more we remove their unwanted eccentricities from the equation, the more they convey the eternal beauty of music.

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